paint options 2

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  1. How wide are your radio straps and is it a loop or what does your mic clips look like?

    1. Hey Matt our straps are 1.5” wide and the mic clip is a vertical loop that allows that mic to attach easily.

  2. do you have a sample palate of all the colors of leather?

    1. Hi Matt, I sure do i will email them over to you now. I will also work on getting that added to the website for people to see.


  3. I noticed that on your facebook, you posted something that said you had over 400 custom stamps to chose from and that they were available to preview on your site, but I do not see them. I was looking for something Oregon related, thanks.

    1. Hi if you look under any of our listings and select “painted” or “not painted” under the logo options it will then allow you to click on “select logo here” and show you the available stamps that are free to use.
      Any image we do not offer can most likely be turned into a custom stamp.

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